[Dev] [Emulator] Tizen emulator development plan

SeokYeon Hwang syeon.hwang at samsung.com
Tue Oct 28 09:29:18 GMT 2014

Dear Tizen emulator developers,

As you developers knows, we will merge three branches for features and
QEMU2.2 into "tizen" branches in the near future.
Not to make the branches unstable, we make a decision to use alternative
branch "tizen_next"
That is, you developers need to merge the changes into "tizen_next" branches
instead of tizen branches.
After testing "tizen_next" branch, we will merge it into "tizen" branch.

Here is what will be done in "tizen_next" branches.

For "tizen_next" branch under sdk/emulator/qemu.git
*  Merge three features below.
-  Features/brillcodec_2i
-  Features/smp
-  Features/qt_dr
*  Merge upstream qemu 2.2 into "tizen_next"
*  Using new argument to run emulator.
*  Implementing light emulator (fast build and easy run).

For "tizen_next" branch under Sdk/emulator/emulator-kernel.git
*  Merging upstream kernel version 3.14.
*  Turn SMP on.

For "tizen_next" branch under sdk/emulator/emulator-manager.git
*  Using new argument to run emulator.

"tizen_next" branches will be available from 2014/11/01.
After the "tizen_next" branches are created/generated, the tizen branches
will be on "feature freeze" status.

If you have any question or have better options, please let me know.


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