[Dev] [Emulator] Tizen emulator development plan

SeokYeon Hwang syeon.hwang at samsung.com
Tue Oct 28 10:46:00 GMT 2014

First, I write a brief description of the following features.

-  Features/brillcodec_2i
The "Tizen emulator" provides the virtual CODEC device that encodes/decodes multimedia resources using host CPUs. In this branch, we have tried to adopt video acceleration modules (e.g. VA-API, DXVA) in order to enhance performance.

- Features/smp
Enabled guest SMP(i.e. multi-core).

- Features/qt_dr
Supports direct rendered emulator UI, which is fully rendered on Host GPU and implemented in QT.

We use only "sdk/emulator/qemu.git" for emulator.
Git paths started with "platform/" are for platform. 


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> On Tue, 2014-10-28 at 18:29 +0900, SeokYeon Hwang wrote:
> > Dear Tizen emulator developers,
> >
> > As you developers knows, we will merge three branches for features and
> > QEMU2.2 into "tizen" branches in the near future.
> Thanks for notifying the list.
> > Not to make the branches unstable, we make a decision to use
> > alternative branch "tizen_next"
> > That is, you developers need to merge the changes into "tizen_next"
> > branches instead of tizen branches.
> > After testing "tizen_next" branch, we will merge it into "tizen" branch.
> >
> >
> > Here is what will be done in "tizen_next" branches.
> >
> > For "tizen_next" branch under sdk/emulator/qemu.git
> > *  Merge three features below.
> > -  Features/brillcodec_2i
> > -  Features/smp
> > -  Features/qt_dr
> Is there an overview somewhere what these features are?
> I recently happened to look at sdk/emulator/qemu.git when trying to
> compile it myself for use with hardware accelerated graphics
> (https://wiki.tizen.org/wiki/Emulator#Tizen:Common_on_qemu-yagl_:_ia32).
> I noticed that the current branch seems to be based on 2.0 with a long
> history of Tizen-specific changes. Do you plan to submit any Tizen-
> specific changes back upstream?
> Speaking of qemu in Tizen, which git trees are really used? There's
> sdk/emulator/qemu.git which seems to be the one actively developed. What
> about platform/upstream/qemu platform/upstream/qemu-accel ?
> Both have "tizen" branches, implying that they are used in Tizen 3.0,
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