[Dev] [Tizen:Common] Migration from gcc 4.8 to gcc 4.9, activation of ARM 64 bits repositories

Stéphane Desneux stephane.desneux at open.eurogiciel.org
Wed Oct 29 12:10:37 GMT 2014

Hi all,

Time has come to activate ARM 64 bits builds on Tizen:Common.

First, I'd like to thank the Samsung teams that prepared this operation
(Chanho Park, Vyacheslav Barinov and others I don't remember, sorry).

The new architecture aarch64 requires an upgrade on the toolchain. In
particular, an invasive upgrade for gcc is necessary, from version 4.8
to 4.9.

I feel that the coming days represent a good upgrade window because
there's currently a pending bug on crosswalk that prevents from
publishing daily releases for Common (see

We also know that crosswalk doesn't build correctly for ARM64. So this
will be the next step after the migration (a bug is already open for
that IIRC).

So, I'll start upgrading Tizen:Common ASAP, hoping that it will be in a
good shape when the crosswalk bug will be fixed.

Meanwhile, problems will occur on Tizen:Common and snapshots won't be
representative: I strongly encourage everyone to use one of the latest
'good' tizen snapshots:
* [1] latest Common daily release:
   - tizen-common_20141022.1
   - with kernel 3.14.19, systemd 208
* [2] latest Common snapshot before kernel bump, but after systemd bump:
   - tizen-common_20141022.2
   - with kernel 3.14.19, systemd 212
* [3] Common Q3 Release Candidate
   - tizen-3.0.2014.Q3-common_20141027.5
   - with kernel 3.14.19, systemd 208 + bug fixes on crosswalk,
bluetooth ...


I'll post again on this thread to let you know the status of the
migration, hopefully before the end of this week.

Best regards,
Stéphane Desneux
Intel OTC - Vannes/FR

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