[Dev] Packages updates for Tizen-Yocto convergence

Kévin THIERRY kevin.thierry at open.eurogiciel.org
Thu Oct 30 12:38:31 GMT 2014

Dear maintainers,

Following my previous mail 
(http://permalink.gmane.org/gmane.comp.handhelds.tizen.devel/4570), I'm 
getting back to you regarding the packages updates needed for the 
Tizen-Yocto convergence.

First I'd like to thanks the maintainers who assigned someone to those 
tasks and already began to work on those.

Here is the process I propose in order to manage the update of those 96 
1) Assign yourself to the task.
2) Update the package and ensure that it builds locally with GBS.
3) Push it in a sandbox.
4) Comment the Jira task associated giving the name of the sandbox 
containing the update.

I will then make sure that the package is tested in our private OBS. If 
errors occur, I will publish the log on the Jira task; if everything 
builds fine, the change will be merged (we will need help from 
maintainers for that).

I began to write a wiki page explaining how to update packages in Tizen: 
I invite anybody to complete and correct it.

We aim at getting *all* the packages in the list updated as soon as 
possible and plan on beginning the updates next week.

Everybody is more than welcome to help with these packages updates, even 
non-maintainers (just push your work in sandboxes).

Thanks for your help,

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