[Dev] NTB multi-user compliancy

Corentin Lecouvey corentin.lecouvey at open.eurogiciel.org
Tue Sep 2 10:39:44 GMT 2014

Hi Zheng Wu,

> I mean that the current design is that bluetooth-frwk doesn't run on root user.
> However, It can run on the each user (such as user1, user2, tizen, app and so on).
What do you mean by bluetooth-frwk ? bluetooth-service daemon ?
For the moment, bluetooth-service daemon can only run as 'app' user even 
if 'bob' and 'alice' are using bluetooth (over C API).
So when 'bob' uses bluetooth over bluetooth-frwk, obex is run for 'app' 
user instead of 'bob'.
> The reason is that obexd features is included in bluetooth-frwk and obexd only run on each user not root user.
Yes, I agree. May bluetooth-service could run as root and launch obexd 
for different user.
> Therefore, I don't make sure that multi-user feature should be added to bluetooth-frwk.
> The reason is that Bluetooth-frwk only run on each user not root user.
As described in https://bugs.tizen.org/jira/browse/TC-1411, BlueZ is 
currently not able to handle multi-user accesses.
For example, if user1 is paired with deviceA, we do not want that user2 
is also paired with deviceA and access to user1 info.
We need to set up a multi-user policy in a daemon discussing with BlueZ. 
As bluetooth-frwk is user specific, a central daemon can handle all of 
the user requests and forward them or not to BlueZ.

> Best Regards
> Zheng Wu
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> Hi Zheng Wu,
>>> Is there a reason to run it as app user ?
>>> It should be run on root mode.
>> Obex related features are necessary on app mode.
> OK.
>> Therefore, Our Bluetooht-Frwk need to run on app mode.
>> Or Our Bluetooht-Frwk will miss the obex related features.
>> The current design is that Bluetooht-Frwk run on app mode.
> The current design is an 'app' single user design. It needs to be adapted to allow multi-user feature.
> Obex related features would be adapted to not depend on only 'app' user.
> obexd is a user daemon so it should be able to run for each user.
> Best regards,
> Corentin

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