[Dev] ANNOUNCE : notification-display-service, a new display popup system for Tizen 3

Manuel Bachmann manuel.bachmann at open.eurogiciel.org
Wed Sep 3 12:09:32 GMT 2014

Hello fellow developers,

As you may now, Tizen 3 has a requirement for a system popup notification
system. It is a long-time feature request, and is linked with many bugs (1).

The general idea is that parts of the Tizen framework may have the need to
display something "on screen" : list of privileges required by a new
application, critical error message , pairing request of a Bluetooth
device... ... and in some cases, the user may react to it ("yes, I agree to
pair with this device, and here is its PIN code").

So, as "notification-service" is the current service handling notifications
on Tizen, I just pushed 3 reviews implement a new service named
"notifications-display-service" (2).

It is a basically a simple service started by sytemd, which pairs with
"notification-service", reads notifcations, displays them in the form of
Wayland popups (3), and deletes them when the user validates with "Ok"
(otherwise, it goes to the next one, and re-iterates next time).

As for the GUI popups themselves (3), they are very simple, are intended to
serve as a demo implementation, and  *not* to be shipped "as is" in final
products. The integrator is expected to modify the service to provide its
own popup system (please refer to the TODO part below for details).

As for the integration with the source framework, in terms of sending
responses back, there is an implementation done with the new
"bluetooth_frwk" developement branch, available in a branch (4). It pairs a
Bluetooth device successfully if the user clicks "Ok" after a request. It
has been done is conjunction with my coworker Corentin Lecouvey and should
be extended.

Here is what's left TODO  :
- the service currently runs as root. This is really *not* what is intended
for the final release, and will be fixed (by the way, it may be related to
this other bug (5) ; any pointers on this would be useful !) ;
- the service currently uses a pure-Wayland backend named "libwlmessage". A
X11 port of this lib is being developed and should be ready very soon  (6).
Remember it stays a demo-only implementation, though.
- the service will use a plugin system, so you can add your implementation
without breaking the existing ones. Again, this should be ready soon.

Thanks for your attention and happy hacking !

Manuel Bachmann

(1) : https://bugs.tizen.org/jira/browse/TC-1475 -
(2) : https://review.tizen.org/gerrit/26906 -
<https://review.tizen.org/gerrit/26906> -
(3) : http://www.tarnyko.net/repo/notification-display-service_wayland.png
(4) :
(5) : https://bugs.tizen.org/jira/browse/TC-1369
(6) : http://www.tarnyko.net/repo/notification-display-service_x11.png

*Manuel BACHMANN Tizen Project VANNES-FR*
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