[Dev] orphan-packaging model

Markus Lehtonen markus.lehtonen at linux.intel.com
Thu Sep 4 07:29:29 GMT 2014

Hi Patrick,

On 03/09/14 19:05, "Patrick Ohly" <patrick.ohly at intel.com> wrote:

>Is anyone already using the orphan-packaging model
>I tried converting an existing package (libphonenumber) to that new
>model with "gbs devel convert", but the result was that "gbs build"
>failed to build on the development branch (couldn't find sources).
>I've probably done something wrong. Currently I am trying to start from
>scratch. I found the documentation a bit lacking. It just says what
>branches must exist, without explaining what files need to be created
>and committed there. A HOWTO showing the steps that are necessary would
>be useful.

You're right in that the documentation page you referred is not very
useful as a tutorial. It should definitely have a reference to the gbs
devel manpage:

Any feedback and questions on the orphan-packaging model and the related
"gbs devel" command is more than welcome. I doubt that anybody has really
used that, yet.


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