[Dev] About kickstarter file and repository to build tizen image

Heecheol, Yang heecheol.yang at outlook.com
Thu Sep 4 15:18:56 GMT 2014

Hello, I am porting Tizen on my own board, and using an image which I
downloaded from the link [1]

However, I got an error about systemd (To be specific, systemd doesn't work
showing "/run/systemd/private no such file or directory" error message").

So I decided to add some debug messages to systemd to identify the reason

But, there is a problem.

As you know, to create a tizen image, there are mainly two steps.

1)     Download and build Tizen source codes.

2)     Create image using compiled packages from (1)

Step 1 can be done through "gbs build" command, and we have to specify URL
of the repository in gbs.conf file.

Step 2 can be done through "gbs createimage" or "mic" command, and we need
.ks file.

But, it doesn't seems that the .ks file from [2] is for the image[1]. To be
specific, we need to modify --baseurl field properly. But I couldn't find
the URL. 

Could you tell me which URLs should be specified in .ks and gbs.conf files?



Hee-cheol, Yang




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