[Dev] ANNOUNCE : notification-display-service, a new display popup system for Tizen 3

Manuel Bachmann manuel.bachmann at open.eurogiciel.org
Thu Sep 4 16:59:13 GMT 2014

Hi again folks,

I just updated the underlying library, so X11 is now supported as a backend
(1). This addresses one the 3 points mentioned in my previous mail.

Plus, I just completed the dedicated wiki page :
https://wiki.tizen.org/wiki/UI_Notifications (or (2)).

I will keep it updated, so you will find general design, hints and
additional information on it.

Manuel Bachmann

(1) : https://review.tizen.org/gerrit/26907
<https://review.tizen.org/gerrit/26906> -
(2) : https://wiki.tizen.org/w/index.php?title=UI_notification_pop-up

2014-09-03 14:09 GMT+02:00 Manuel Bachmann <
manuel.bachmann at open.eurogiciel.org>:

> Hello fellow developers,
> As you may now, Tizen 3 has a requirement for a system popup notification
> system. It is a long-time feature request, and is linked with many bugs (1).
> The general idea is that parts of the Tizen framework may have the need to
> display something "on screen" : list of privileges required by a new
> application, critical error message , pairing request of a Bluetooth
> device... ... and in some cases, the user may react to it ("yes, I agree to
> pair with this device, and here is its PIN code").
> So, as "notification-service" is the current service handling
> notifications on Tizen, I just pushed 3 reviews implement a new service
> named "notifications-display-service" (2).
> It is a basically a simple service started by sytemd, which pairs with
> "notification-service", reads notifcations, displays them in the form of
> Wayland popups (3), and deletes them when the user validates with "Ok"
> (otherwise, it goes to the next one, and re-iterates next time).
> As for the GUI popups themselves (3), they are very simple, are intended
> to serve as a demo implementation, and  *not* to be shipped "as is" in
> final products. The integrator is expected to modify the service to provide
> its own popup system (please refer to the TODO part below for details).
> As for the integration with the source framework, in terms of sending
> responses back, there is an implementation done with the new
> "bluetooth_frwk" developement branch, available in a branch (4). It pairs a
> Bluetooth device successfully if the user clicks "Ok" after a request. It
> has been done is conjunction with my coworker Corentin Lecouvey and should
> be extended.
> Here is what's left TODO  :
> - the service currently runs as root. This is really *not* what is
> intended for the final release, and will be fixed (by the way, it may be
> related to this other bug (5) ; any pointers on this would be useful !) ;
> - the service currently uses a pure-Wayland backend named "libwlmessage".
> A X11 port of this lib is being developed and should be ready very soon
> (6). Remember it stays a demo-only implementation, though.
> - the service will use a plugin system, so you can add your implementation
> without breaking the existing ones. Again, this should be ready soon.
> Thanks for your attention and happy hacking !
> Regards,
> Manuel Bachmann
> (1) : https://bugs.tizen.org/jira/browse/TC-1475 -
> https://bugs.tizen.org/jira/browse/TC-996
> (2) : https://review.tizen.org/gerrit/26906 -
> https://review.tizen.org/gerrit/26907
> <https://review.tizen.org/gerrit/26906> -
> https://review.tizen.org/gerrit/26908
> <https://review.tizen.org/gerrit/26906>
> (3) : http://www.tarnyko.net/repo/notification-display-service_wayland.png
> (4) :
> https://review.tizen.org/git/?p=platform/core/appfw/notification-service.git;a=commit;h=d3b7401e549727cf72a2939d4e7e6c86088ae76b
> (5) : https://bugs.tizen.org/jira/browse/TC-1369
> (6) : http://www.tarnyko.net/repo/notification-display-service_x11.png
> --
> Regards,
> *Manuel BACHMANN Tizen Project VANNES-FR*


*Manuel BACHMANN Tizen Project VANNES-FR*
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