[Dev] [TL;DR] August 2014

Łukasz Stelmach l.stelmach at samsung.com
Mon Sep 8 14:08:01 GMT 2014

Hello Everyone,

August has been quite a busy month on the list with almost four hundred

Cynara, Async API proposal

Aleksander Zdyb has started discussion about different approaches to
asynchronous API for Cynara's clients.


Building Tizen with Yocto

Anoop Babu reported some errors problems with with building Tizen
images with Yocto. Unfortunatel it looks like there is still no


Wearable Tizen Images

Did you know you can flash a Galxy Gear 2 with an image you can find at
tizen.org? It may be just a little bit tricky.


Linux Kernel Media mini-summit

Mauro Carvalho Chehab announced a two day mini-summit of Linux Media
developers this October in Düsseldorf. He wishes attendees will discuss
"Kernel-Userspace API improvements that are required for newer devices
to work".


Tizne::Common on ARM

Thanks to Roman Kubiak and Chanho Park, Phelippe Coval and others it is
now possible to run Tizen::Common image on Odroid-U3 ARM boards.


I am sorry this digest apperas so late an hope everyone had some nice
holidays this summer.

Łukasz Stelmach
Samsung R&D Institute Poland
Samsung Electronics
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