[Dev] Tizen 3 services: use case for multi user

Jussi Laako jussi.laako at linux.intel.com
Tue Sep 9 08:05:26 GMT 2014

On 8.9.2014 15:59, Counihan, Tom wrote:
> Don't assume that modern flash devices are all auto-qualified. The subset on offer is quite limited. And the numbers I've witnessed for modern vehicles (2015-2018) are a significant factor below what you quote above. Temp has a wildly influential factor too.

But this doesn't have to do with write cycles, or if it has, then the 
file system wear leveling on the OS used on those cars is not up to it's 
task (wouldn't be surprised).

> The other minor observation is, are you only going to P/E cycle only on shutdown? Also note 1 engine crank != 1 headunit power cycle.

Of course, with start-stop you get more engine restarts than headunit 
restarts, but that only plays in favor of the headunit.

> But I guess all this is irrelevant if Tizen has a policy of not persisting externally sourced personal data, aka contacts.

I would guess it is kind of mandatory.

In case this is a real problem, you could use battery backed up SRAM 
mounted as RAM disk for this kind of data.

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