[Dev] vconf/buxton adapter

José Bollo jose.bollo at open.eurogiciel.org
Tue Sep 9 15:48:55 GMT 2014

hello everyone,

I'm studying an adapter having vconf API and buxton backend.

I'm seeing a lot of problem using buxton. For example: 

- I've submitted a patch to make API exposing "const char*" arguments,
not "char*"

- The API allow to list the keynames but it is unusefull: the response
can not be inspected

- If the response could be inspected, some data are missing: the group,
the type (and the layer but it is set by the request) It makes the
returned data unuseful.

- the get of a value of a key fails if the type is wrong

I made a pull request for the 2 former points

I dont understand what are design strategies or immature implementation.
Help wanted.

Best regards
José Bollo

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