[Dev] Unfortunate things about Odroid XU support.

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Andriy: Please *do not* advise people to turn off Smack. Tizen does not work with Smack disabled.

Backporting current Smack features to the 3.4 kernel is not very difficult, although it is tedious. You can also look at the kernel/linux-3.4-exynos3250 project on tizen.org. If they haven’t done the backport yet they will need to. If that is your project, you need to get started on the backport.

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SMACK kernel support shoudnt be stopper for porting procedure. We succesfully bring-up Tizen stack on kernel 3.3.
If you want proceed just disable smack support in systemd and minor workarounds in udev/systemd related to smack labels..

Later you can back to the updating kernel to latest version, I guess.


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Giving you some additional options...

You may try "git rebase linux-3.14 (mainline)".

Or, you may try to rebase your 3.4 Odroid XU kernel on the Tizen.org's linux-3.10's tizen branch. (or merge/meld odroid XU drivers onto linux-3.10 of tizen.org<http://tizen.org>, which supports Odroid X2/U3)

Or, you may try to reuse (merge) linux-3.4.git in tizen.org<http://tizen.org>



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Title : [Dev] Unfortunate things about Odroid XU support.

I am personally trying to port Tizen on my odroidXU board which has Exynos 5410 SoC.
Struggling for about 3 months, I concluded that it is almost impossible now due to several reasons below, and I am considering to give up porting work.
However, I thought that I’d better to share my experiences before I really decide to give up. So, I am writing this mail to share what I have suffered from.

First of all, I want to mention that the stable Linux kernel version which OdroidXU supports is 3.4. It is the first barrier that makes me impossible to port.
As you know, Tizen’s security framework is based on underlying SMACK in kernel. However, kernel 3.4 doesn’t have adequate version of SMACK.
To be specific, when I booted Tizen on that kernel version, booting failed because systemd failed to access load2 interface in smackfs.
Actually, LOAD2 interface is supported from kernel >= 3.10. When I realized the fact, I tried to find higher kernel version that supports Odroid XU.
Fortunately, I found 3.13 and 3.14 kernel version from link below.
It was experimental and non-stable version and It was originally intended to support Ubuntu. Of course, It works well when I booted this version with Ubuntu.
However, when I tried to boot the kernel with Tizen rootfs, the booting stopped printing ‘imprecise external abort’. The error is very similar to the link below.
At first, I thought that the error may be related to the Tizen, not kernel. However I changed my thought, and implicitly concluded that it may be related to kernel. But not exactly.
Anyway, whatever the error is related to, it was so hard to debug for me.

In summary

1.     Stable Odroid XU kernel version(3.4) can’t support Tizen due to old SMACK version.

2.     The experimental version of recent kernel version has a bug difficult to solve.

These are what I experienced and followings are what I think have to do if I would continue porting work.

1.     Backport up-to-date version of SMACK into the stable kernel 3.4 or

2.     Solve the problems in kernel 3.13
Yes, they are possible to do but as a premature person, it is very difficult for me to do alone. I have no debugging hardware tools, not enough knowledge, and so on. This is the most important reason: I am premature.
So I want to conclude my mail by saying thanks to many people who helped in various ways.
In someday, I wish to port Tizen on my board.

Hee-cheol, Yang.


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