[Dev] Integrity protection mechanism for the root file system?

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Hi Tom,

I was asked recently to re-scope IMA/EVM.  Prior to that there were concerns
about performance degradation particularly caused by constant block level
checks.  There was talk about using it for a single system partition, but
this still may be unacceptable for low end processors.  There is code
checked in upstream already, but not integrated. 

Best Regards,


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While this https://bugs.tizen.org/jira/browse/TC-375  was raised and
disposition a year ago, I did observe some presentations subsequently;

And then I stumbled here:

I'd like to understand the current day status. How progressed is this?
It hit the wiki April/may this year, and I now found a mail on tizen dev
from  Janusz announcing an intent to focus - but no real response and no
further update.

Any insight greatly appreciated.

Warm Regards
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