[Dev] Simultaneous multi-user multi-seat architecture

Jussi Laako jussi.laako at linux.intel.com
Thu Sep 18 08:51:05 GMT 2014


We have now a working architecture and proof-of-concept setup for 
simultaneous multi-user multi-seat configuration with VTC-1010:
2xDisplay (DP + VGA)

I believe this architecture can also work well with GENIVI and real-time 
dashboard functionalities.

Goal of the architecture in short is to have two simultaneous user 
sessions, having their own displays and input methods (keyboard, mouse 
and touch). We have now proven that this also works in practice.

Architecture description and other related information can be found from:

Current user "display" is to be renamed something more generic, we've 
been thinking about "system", but we'd like to hear about better 
proposals. (this would also possibly be the GENIVI user/session)

Document is to be further updated with relevant sections on 
Bluetooth/WiFi and other needed areas.

Comments are more than welcome! :)

Best regards,

	- Jussi Laako

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