[Dev] Tizen Bootup No Display Issue

Kévin THIERRY kevin.thierry at open.eurogiciel.org
Thu Sep 18 14:31:04 GMT 2014

Hi Anoop,

Right now we're using kernel 3.14.5 in Tizen Yocto. Regarding the kernel 
configuration I think you should create one which includes both the 
options specific to your board and the ones we use in our kernel recipe 
(in meta-tizen/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-yocto/qemuarm/defconfig). If 
you didn't set "KCONFIG_MODE = "--reconfig"" in your kernel recipe, it 
might be a good idea to add it otherwise you may end up missing some 
default options.
There are also two patches we added to handle smack security that you 
can find in our kernel recipe and that you should add.

Please, let us know how it goes with a 3.14 kernel.

Best regards,

On 18/09/2014 16:09, Anoop Babu wrote:
> Dear Kevin,
> Thank you the valuable inputs. I have gone ahead and created recipe 
> for 3.14.
> Attached is the .bb file and inc file for your reference.
> SRCReV i have used the latest commit id.
> I have not understood the statements "add kernel options we set in our 
> defconfig"  and "add our patches". Request you to throw some light on 
> this. Do I have to do any additional code modifications?
> Best regards
> Anoop
> On Wed, Sep 17, 2014 at 8:40 PM, Kévin THIERRY 
> <kevin.thierry at open.eurogiciel.org 
> <mailto:kevin.thierry at open.eurogiciel.org>> wrote:
>     Hi Anoop,
>     I don't know what the issue is but I'm seeing another problem: you
>     don't have smack enabled in your kernel. Tizen isn't made to be
>     run without smack since it's part of its specificity. To get smack
>     I see two options:
>     * backport smack support to kernel 3.10 (backport smack support in
>     kernel 3.14 and our patches)
>     * create a recipe for kernel 3.14 for your board (and add our patches)
>     (Note that in both case you will also need to add kernel options
>     we set in our defconfig.)
>     I don't know which solution is the easiest, but the second
>     solution is probably the best one since it will get you in sync
>     with Tizen kernel. Maybe you can first ask the maintainers of
>     meta-fsl-arm if they plan on supporting kernel 3.14. If you want
>     to create the recipe for kernel 3.14 you can use the recipe for
>     kernel 3.10.17 as an example (in meta-fsl-arm).
>     Best regards,
>     Kevin
>     On 17/09/2014 16:22, Anoop Babu wrote:
>         Dear kevin,
>         From my recent search no support for 3.14 kernel is available
>         for imx6qsabreauto.
>         Inline image 3
>         Inline image 1
>         Meanwhile I have taken the bootup log. Can you give me your
>         inputs on what might have caused the no output at display unit.
>         Best regards
>           Anoop

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