Bluetooth stack and Phone(phoned).

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I'm finding some issues with phoned and the bluetooth stack on tizen 3.0.
I am able to use an iphone with the api and get call history and contact
list.  I am unable to get contacts from the android phones.  I have two
phones I've been testing with.  Razr i and sony ixperia.  I'd like to know
if one is having success or failure with the Modello_Phone app themselves.
I'd like to say this is the only problem but I've also found that sometimes
the api will not let me turn on and off the bluetooth.  I don't believe
these problems are related but they could be.  Is there a testing app that
will exercise the api and help identify any troubles.  I would appreciate
any insight to the troubles.  I have run tests with the Modello_Phone app
but my work in progress is in the github repo.

git at


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