[Dev] [Help] Failed to build Tizen-3.0-mobile from source

Alejandro Gallardo alexgalu at live.com
Wed Apr 15 09:47:33 GMT 2015

Thanks for your reply JF :)

Yep, I noticed some of the errors were due to the lack of free memory, so I've tried two different approaches: 
1. Reducing the number of threads so that all memory is available to that specific thread.
2. Doubling the available ram up to 8 GB while maintaining the 4 threads.

So far I've managed to reduce the number of packages not compiling to just 3 for now (gummiboot, system-plugin-emulator & llvm) but I'm stuck there with some missing files and errors in the Makefile.rules of llvm.

Is there any machine configuration you use or recommend to build the system from scratch?

Thank you!
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2015 17:18:50 +0800
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                AFAIK, because there’s some huge packages in Tizen building, e.g. crosswalk, normally 4GB machine is not enough. In such case, there will be some strange errors.
-- Thanks- jf.ding

                On Wednesday, April 15, 2015 at 5:14 PM, Alejandro Gallardo wrote:

Hi everyone,

I'm beginning with Tizen trying to build Tizen 3.0-mobile from source following the official guide at https://source.tizen.org/documentation/developer-guide/getting-started-guide/cloning-tizen-source and https://source.tizen.org/documentation/developer-guide/getting-started-guide/building-packages-locally-gbs . My environment is an Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit using a 4-core Intel i7 processor with 4 GB of RAM and apparently with all the required development tools installed.

Once the sources have been checked out I tried to compile them using the suggested command:
gbs build -A i586 --threads=4 --clean-once --exclude=gcc,cmake,filesystem,aul,libmm-sound,libtool 

Using the standard gbs configuration file at the sources directory:

profile = profile.tizen3.0_mobile





However, after a while the build finishes with the following output:

=== the following packages failed to build due to rpmbuild issue (8) ===
boost: /home/alex/GBS-ROOT/local/repos/tizen3.0_mobile/i586/logs/fail/boost-1.57.0-0/log.txt
gummiboot: /home/alex/GBS-ROOT/local/repos/tizen3.0_mobile/i586/logs/fail/gummiboot-43-1/log.txt
system-plugin-emulator: /home/alex/GBS-ROOT/local/repos/tizen3.0_mobile/i586/logs/fail/system-plugin-emulator-0.0.16-1/log.txt
c-ares: /home/alex/GBS-ROOT/local/repos/tizen3.0_mobile/i586/logs/fail/c-ares-1.10.0-0/log.txt
v8: /home/alex/GBS-ROOT/local/repos/tizen3.0_mobile/i586/logs/fail/v8-3.30.30-0/log.txt
glib2: /home/alex/GBS-ROOT/local/repos/tizen3.0_mobile/i586/logs/fail/glib2-2.43.1-0/log.txt
llvm: /home/alex/GBS-ROOT/local/repos/tizen3.0_mobile/i586/logs/fail/llvm-3.5.0-0/log.txt
ppl: /home/alex/GBS-ROOT/local/repos/tizen3.0_mobile/i586/logs/fail/ppl-0.11.2-0/log.txt
=== Total succeeded built packages: (135) ===

Looking at the logs they fail due to different reasons: files that don't exist, incorrect CFLAGS used, wrong makefile "recipes". The log errors can be found at https://gist.github.com/anonymous/6c7ddde3dff48625b0fd/raw/gistfile1.txt

Could any of you guess how to fix the problems and continue building Tizen from source?

I know most efforts by the companies and volunteers involved in the project are dedicated to evolve the platform but it would be highly appreciated if someone takes a look at the documentation and revise it carefully, because it's really important for us developers and other companies interested in Tizen to engage. If documentation is not clear and everything fails after several attempts, then the interest may fade away.

Thank you very much in advance.
Best regards,
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