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Eastwood, Jeffery jeastwo1 at jaguarlandrover.com
Wed Apr 15 20:14:59 GMT 2015

The example in
section 13, shows a typical use of the .set method:

var zone = Zone
vehicle.door.set({"lock" : true}, zone.driver).then(resolve, reject);

My question is: for a given AMB property that is not a W3C standard
property, what to use for
the tag? For example, If I have a property ABCDE, I would set it via

var zone = Zone
vehicle.aBCDE.set({"???" : true}, zone.driver).then(resolve, reject);

What do I use in place of the ??? I have tried "value"; but that is
not working; How dou you determine the correct names to use here?

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