[Dev] [Tizen-rp2] [Tizen-on-rpi2-community] Tizen on Raspberry PI 2 using Yocto

Mauro Carvalho Chehab mchehab at osg.samsung.com
Tue Apr 21 10:10:40 GMT 2015

Em Mon, 20 Apr 2015 15:40:23 +0200
Mohammed El Ghaouti CHERIFI <mcherifi at outlook.com> escreveu:

>    Hello,
>  First of all, bravo (congratulations),this is a great initiative.
>  Myself have tried to make this port on Yocto, I encountered a number of problems related to the graphics.
>  I'm not a graphics expert, but I saw that the latest version of MESA  supported  the GPU VC4 from Broadcom and I tried to integrate this version! I still had some bugs to fix, but due to time and professional  constraints I have put that on hold.

Interesting! I'll take a look on that.

>  What have you changed in the BSP of the RapsberryPi2? Because I did not manage to enter the fork directly from Samsung servers!

Weird, the git tree should be opened to everybody. It should even be
visible via cgit:

The patches we've made on the top of meta-raspberrypi are those:

441a21c07ca4 rpi-hwup-image: add all gstreamer plugins modules
b9e0963d0d72 Add default root password
e9b460b1939b Enable gstreamer good/bad/ugly plugins
3cc7315bfb60 cmdline.txt: use systemd init
ceba4225b851 reorganize the stuff under rpi-hwup-image
065ade09e480 Add the default providers for Raspberry PI
9700d30e1aa4 Change cmdline.txt to make it boot without waiting for debug
3d39e3539bc5 Add sshd to the image
2a4d4e169de2 Add wayland/weston to the build
9524e10d10e8 Make userland to build

They fix some conflicts with Tizen build and adds packages at the already
existing rpi-hwup-image, in order to merge what's there at the Tizen common
recipe, plus enables some additional Gstreamer plugins.

>  If I can help, let me know.

Feel free to join us and send us patches. The next step is to enable
EGL on Wayland/Weston. I think we should also have a profile to enable
X11 on it, as some interesting applications depend on some X11 libraries
that aren't built. I guess some X11 libraries only have .spec files, but
it misses bitbake recipes.


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