[Dev] tizen 3.0 porting on rpi2

Siva sivakrishnareddy.yaramala at incubesol.com
Wed Dec 2 08:16:20 GMT 2015

Dear dev team, 

I am trying build tizen 3.0 for rasberrypi-2 board . While building , i am facing some errors like below. 

ERROR: Task 1243 
systemd_git.bb, do_compile) failed with exit code '1' 

I am attaching the fail log file also. 
I already installed the needed build packages for host system. 

My host PC configuration is : 
RAM : 4 GB. 
Hard Disk : 500GB. 
ubuntu 12.04. 
gcc version : 4.8.1 . 

I am following the below *link* for building: 
http://blogs.s-osg.org/bringing-tizen-to-a-raspberry-pi-2-near-you/ . 

Please provide me the root cause for this . 

Thanks in advance. 

Siva Krishna Y. 
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