[Dev] Tizen:* - is X11 still needed ?

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Fri Dec 11 09:09:05 GMT 2015

Dear all,

Why don't we continue a discussion on this topic? 

We added X11 into Common project since other profiles such as Mobile, Wearable and TV used X11 and it was huge work to change X11 to wayland in these profiles. 
But, as of now, in all the profiles (Mobile/TV/Wearable/IVI), X11 is replaced by wayland. 

Hence, I think that it's time to start removing X11 from Common. 

Actually, X11 repositories causes a lot of load to Tizen OBS system since we have 4 repositories in Common project. 

So, let's start remove X11 from Common as Dominig suggested. 

What do you think?


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if only one profile is using it it should go.
X11 slow down all he build process and requires more work on each packages which depend (directly or indirectly) of a UX.

My proposition would be  remove it from Common after the next quarterly release.



Le 27/05/2015 16:55, Stéphane Desneux a écrit :
> Dear all,
> Today, I saw that the X11 repositories were removed last week from the 
> TV and Mobile profiles (NB: Wearable profile has still some X11 repos):
> https://build.tizen.org/project/show?project=Tizen%3ATV
> https://build.tizen.org/project/show?project=Tizen%3AMobile
> This leads to some questions/remarks:
> * more than one year ago, when we started to develop Tizen:Common, it 
> was only for wayland. Then X11 has been requested, so we added X11 
> into Common and made a huge work to have many packages build in both worlds.
> Then finally, it seems that it's not needed anymore so we could drop 
> it... But every time we make such change there's a cost: many 
> configuration and packaging files must be changed, packages added or 
> removed, deps adjusted etc. Is there a clear visiblity on X11 status 
> for Tizen, now and in the future ?
> * the policy for a package to be in Tizen:Common is that it should be 
> required in 2 or more profiles. That's not the case anymore for X11
> packages: should I remove all X11 packages from Tizen:Common ? (if 
> visibility is not good, I'd rather keep X11 packages :))
> * if X11 packages are definitively not needed, it would be efficient 
> to remove them from all OBS projects that don't need them (~100 
> packages are 'pure X11' and could be dropped in every project)
> Thoughts ?
> Best regards,

Dominig ar Foll
Senior Software Architect
Intel Open Source Technology Centre

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