[Dev] Slides and videos from Tizen Developer Conference?

Bob Summerwill bob at summerwill.net
Wed Dec 16 18:09:52 GMT 2015


Thanks for the update.

Are some presenters actively withholding permission for publication of
content which has already been presented at a public conference?   Or is
just a matter of trying to contact people and get a response?
It just amazes me that this wasn't addressed *in advance* of the
conference, as I early noted, not for the first time for Tizen

For every recent tech conference which I have attended or followed, the
slides are usually uploaded and available ON THE DAY as a matter of course,
or worse case bulk-released on the final day or following day.     In that
case, they have obviously been submitted and collated prior to the
presentations being given.   That is an expectation on the presenters.
 All of the decks are obviously following a common template.    There was
obviously significant process put into the preparation of the content.

The fact that you are having to chase presenters for their approval 13
weeks later is just stunning.

To be clear, the reason I am making so much noise about this isn't for some
theoretical reason.    It's for a very practical reason.

I am working on a contract for a Tizen Wearable proof-of-concept.    This
is for a commercial product.   It's not for fun.   And some of this
conference content, now I have it, is content which I wish I had had in my
hands in September, or October or November, and now it is December.

Tizen doesn't have the luxury of failing to deliver on basic information.
 This stuff should not be hard, but the Tizen Project just punches itself
and its community in the face again and again and again.     It is just so
sad, and so preventable.

Who is running https://twitter.com/TizenProject, for example?    How hard
would it have been for somebody to tweet links to particular sessions as
their notes became available?

And for the videos - what is the hold-up?    Is that some approval process,
or just insufficient capacity in some area of Samsung or the Linux
Foundation?    Really.    How long does it take to put a video up on Vimeo?

BTW - Certificate on the Tizen Wiki is still broken.   I raised that in
July :-(

I'm fed up of hearing myself pointing out basic failures, and I'm sure
everyone else is.    I want Tizen to succeed.
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