[Dev] Tizen-2.4 Wearable support in IDE?

정진민 jinmin at samsung.com
Wed Dec 23 00:01:00 GMT 2015

Hi, Bob, 


It looks like a mistake. As you know, there is no Tizen 2.4 wearable profile yet. 

When I check source code in http://download.tizen.org/sdk/samples/online/Web/WW_app-manager/, 
Required version is described as 2.3 in config.xml file. 
Hence, if you need this sample code, then you may download the code from http://download.tizen.org/sdk/samples/online/Web/WW_app-manager/.





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So there is an "App Manager" online sample, which wants Wearable-2.4 web profile:




Which isn't part of the 2.4 Rev1 SDK and doesn't show as an add-on in the Update Manager:




If there some extra repository location I need to add for that?


Or is this just a screw-up?   And there is an online sample available but the SDK/IDE component needed to support that (Wearable-2.4) hasn't been released to the public yet?   Thanks!





bob at summerwill.net

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