[Dev] gumd: adds support icon property

Minkyu Kang mk7.kang at samsung.com
Tue Feb 10 05:55:11 GMT 2015

Dear Imran Zaman,

I'm working for Tizen3.0 TV profile.
We need icon property for showing user icon at Homescreen.
So I designed new file back-end for writing additional information for each users.

The Icon property will be saved at /var/lib/gumd/[uid] file.
This file follow .ini file format.

root at localhost:~# cat /var/lib/gumd/user/1022
So if we need to add new properties, this file can be expanded easily.

This patch was tested on TV profile and you can test using gum-utils also.
Please check this patch and review.

Minkyu Kang.

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