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> On 01/20/2015 08:36 PM, 정대순 wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > In before e-mail, My questions are separation.
> >
> > In firt question, I want to clean to target.(all packages)
> >
> > So, I input 'bitbake -c cleanall tizen-common-core-image-crosswalk-dev', and
> run
> > 'bitbake tizen-common-core-image-crosswalk-dev'.
> >
> > But, build started 5748 task. (msg : Currently 1 running tasks (5749 of 5752)),
> > not first task.
> >
> > Is it right? In my opinion, just clean some of packages.
> Not quite, the 3 clean tasks (clean, cleansstate, cleanall) are tasks
> against recipes or targets, they don't affect the dependencies of the
> target.  So the above cleanall just cleans the specific target listed on
> the command line.
I have been struggling with this concept a bit myself. The standard clean option clears the workspace and sysroot (and any artifact that's in there), but what does that mean when the target is something different than a package (i.e. a complete image such as tizen-ivi-core)?

> >
> > (When I run the build after git clone, started '1 of 5752' task.)
> >
> > How to build started in init status? Delete a 'tmp-glibc' directory?
> >
> I would ask why do you need to start from the "initial" state, if you
> change a recipe it will rebuild that target. Deleting the tmp-glibc is a
> pretty big hammer.
My own trick is to initialise a new different build dir by re-running the script... that's also a pretty big hammer :-)

There are times when you don't know if or up to what point you can trust the cache... this is when I feel I need to go back to an initial state.

> > In second question, I just curious about build break.
> >
> > When build break occur, if I run 'bitbake tizen-common-core-image-
> crosswalk-dev'
> > again, does it continue break point?
> >
> It will continue, from the failure, but unless you fix the failure it
> will fail again!
This is exactly what I saw the other day. What confused me quite a bit (and made me go back to the initial state) is that when I enabled more debug output (-D), it proceeded to building more packages after the rpm-native failure, something it had never done before. Maybe this is the normal behaviour but it's not very intuitive to the Yocto newbie that I am (and yes, I still have to read most of the documentation on Yocto).


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