[Dev] [AMB] Multiple data sources providing the same property

Rudolf J Streif rudolf.streif at gmail.com
Tue Jan 27 01:26:19 GMT 2015

It probably won't be my last question about AMB as I am digging through it. 
Thank you for your patience, Kevron.

Different data sources can potentially provide the same VehicleProperty, for 
instance VehicleProperty::VehicleSpeed could be provided by GPS, CAN, OBD 
(well, it is not provided by the gpsnmea plugin as it defines a property 

What happens if there are multiple data sources for the same property? AMB 
just passes it on to the subscribers regardless? Is there a way to subscribe 
to a property from a specific provider (not that I need it, just asking)? Is 
there a way to tell what plugin provided the property (don't need it either, 
just wrapping my head around it)?


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