[Dev] OT: mailing list woes

Mats Wichmann mats at osg.samsung.com
Wed Jun 10 18:31:44 GMT 2015


FYI, we had a round of problems the last few days. Apparently, this host
(lists.tizen.org) made it on to one or more spam lists (SpamHaus I know
for sure).  This caused mailing list mail to be rejected by various mail
servers, which in turn caused the tizen mailing lists to start counting
bounces.  Eventually, a whole bunch of people got auto-unsubscribed due
to excessive bounces.  Obviously it's not very effective to send mail
through a list and expect it to reach people who can't receive mail from
the list either because they didn't get resubscribed yet, or in case
there are lingering problems, but at least more than just a few of you
will now know there were issues and they're known ones.  Thiago says the
blocklist problem was taken care of already, so hopefully there won't be
further issues.

sorry for the hiccup!

-- mats

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