[Dev] About multi-app packaging directory policy

Pawel Sikorski p.sikorski at samsung.com
Fri Jun 12 12:46:00 GMT 2015

Dear All,
Sorry for the late response.

Regarding modifications in app-installer we will prepare them in 1-2 weeks (we want to firstly focus on items that we are currently working on).

Just for the remind, the agreed structure is:

$HOME/apps_rw/{PKGID}/bin/{APPID_1}, {APPID_2} (symlink)
$HOME/apps_rw/{PKGID}/res/wgt/... (all wgt contents)

Best Regards,
Pawel Sikorski

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Hi all,

About a month ago, we discussed about multi-app packaging directory policy,
and i think that we have come to the conclusion that making directory policy like Tizen 2.x.
But recently, i have never receieved any notification of change related above topic.
Please share your plans for app packaging directory policy.


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