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Have you tried the Z1 source releases on http://opensource.samsung.com/reception/receptionSub.do?method=sub&sub=F&searchValue=SM-Z130H?

Prasanth K

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I have one more question.
Currently, Linux kernel 3.10 source code for Tizen is released on review.tizen.org.
Can it be used as the kernel of Samsung Z1?
Gyeonghwan Hong.

2015년 6월 26일 (금) 오후 1:39, Ramasamy Kannan <ram.kannan at samsung.com>님이 작성:
Hi Vamsi,
Tizen 2.3 release does not support Z1 mobile build. Its not only the build, but the release software would not be compatible for Z1 hardware.
But there is plan to release Z1 images, compatible software and build support for the Tizen 2.4 release.
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Title : [Dev] Request for information
1. Hi all,
I am trying to checkout tizen 2.3 source code . I want to compile that source code and want to flash to Tizen samsung z1 mobile (model name : SM-Z130H).
Is it possible to flash the image to samsung tizen z1 , which is generated by my own source code compilation ?(answer please)
I had tried to clone the tizen 2.3 source code by following tizen source cloning instruction and end up with errors. I tried to clone specifically only 2.3 source code for that i used below command. Is this below command correct or not, If not give valid cmd to clone only tizen 2.3 source code.(answer please)
1. $ repo init -u https://<Username>:<HTTPS_Password>@review.tizen.org/gerrit/p/scm/manifest -b tizen_2.3

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