[Dev] Tizen-Yocto

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at intel.com
Wed Mar 4 23:07:07 GMT 2015

On Wednesday 04 March 2015 18:34:47 Vitaly Chernooky wrote:
> Ok,
> So I have submitted my patch:
> https://review.tizen.org/gerrit/36301
> Should I write any RFC requests here, to dev mailing list, or somewhere
> else, if I want to discuss my changes? Or all discussion will be conducted
> only on gerrit?

If you have any large changes you need discussion on, use the mailing list. 
That includes when you don't know the best solution, when you and the 
reviewers can't agree or when the reviewer asks you to bring it to the mailing 

Otherwise, you can just submit to Gerrit and keep the (small) discussion 

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