[Dev] Upgrade wayland to 1.9.0

Boram Park boram1288.park at samsung.com
Fri Nov 6 01:18:51 GMT 2015

Hi wayland and weston guys

Last spring, I and Eurogiciel had upgraded wayland to 1.7.0. Now I have 
plan to upgrade wayland to upper version(1.8.0 or 1.9.0).
Before doing that, I'd like to check two things.

- Is it fine to upgrade wayland only?
- Is there someone who can upgrade qtwayland to 5.5.1 for upgrading 
weston to 1.8.0?

It looks wayland can be upgraded without any other modules upgrade.
To upgrade weston also, I guess we should upgrade qtwayland together. 
qtwayland now uses weston 1.6.0 xdg-shell.xml. But upstream qtwayland 
uses weston 1.8.0 xdg-shell.xml.
If someone can upgrade qtwayland to 5.5.1, then I think we can upgrade 
wayland to 1.9.0(also 18.0 possible) and weston to 1.8.0.


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