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Peter jini at zeus.net.au
Mon Nov 9 03:37:48 GMT 2015

Yes, headers could be modified using a script.

I'd build the list by first pattern matching all function declarations in header files, then remove all unwanted functions, then use this list as the tizen api whitelist.  The list would include the header file name and function signature tuple.

To modify header files, I'd use this whitelist, with a script, so the task could be automated whenever header files are updated.

Just a thought.



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> Any thoughts on using a macro to identify Tizen native api for 
> developers? 
> Presently developer's have to submit an application to the store to 
> determine if the api used by their application is acceptable.  
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> Peter.  
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that's a LOT of headers to modify. 

what is probably best is if there simply is a verification tool that 
runs on a binary that tells you what is "invalid". it's a shame that it 
isnt a standard part of sdk build process etc. by now. :( 

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