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Peter jini at zeus.net.au
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Ok, so no one knows I guess.  It's worth noting that these libs are relatively stable, unless Tizen plans to replace the linux kernel at some point.  

It might be worth remembering that Java is the worlds most popular programming language and C the second. Can Samsung afford to ignore it?  

Android apps are written in Java.

Why not create a privilege that allows it?

Anyway, I'm in the process of writing java bindings for tizen.  Surprisingly,  Elementary is object orientated despite being written in c and the documentation even helps out with the inheritance hierarchy.  So it does in fact appear quite straight foward to produce a java app that looks native.  I can donate the code to the tizen project.



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The libraries used by the jvm are:


With my investigation so far it's quite easy to embed the jvm in a tizen ui application.  

The Elementary and app libraries are easy to work with using java and c.

The question now is, would an application that uses the above libraries be accepted into the tizen store?



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