[Dev] Tizen Common is back

José Bollo jobol at nonadev.net
Tue Nov 17 13:56:38 GMT 2015

Le mardi 17 novembre 2015 à 14:29 +0100, Maciej Wereski a écrit :
> Dear List!

Hi all,

> As some of you noticed lately we have been working on bringing Common back to 
> life. To do this we had to (unfortunately) break few packages, which resulted 
> in image build failures.
> I am happy to announce that this situation in now over and there are all 
> images available again (starting with 20151111.1 snapshot). Few issues still 
> remain, but these are not critical and need more time to be resolved.
> Few facts about latest snapshots:
> - commits are aligned with M1 release (except few repositories in which we had 
> to fix building)
> - buxton was replaced with buxton2
> - vconf, usb-server, {evas,emotion}-examples were removed

These are very good news. I presume that you kept vconf compatibility
layer of buxton2. (side note: nothing about buxton2 in a wiki search:

> Now we'll be working on fixing remaining bugs and incorporating more missing 
> components into Common. Next big step is crosswalk to crosswalk-tizen 
> transition. We also plan further synchronization with other profiles to catch 
> up. After every repo is in fresh state we'll enable submissions to Common with 
> submit/tizen/xxx tag.
> If you have any questions (or you're a developer of a project which doesn't 
> build or isn't included in Common) do not hesitate to contact me.
> cheers,

Best regards
José Bollo

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