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Pawel Sikorski p.sikorski at samsung.com
Wed Nov 18 12:58:42 GMT 2015

I would like to add few additional comments in the area of crosswalk and

We are considering Crosswalk-tizen as the crosswalk port for tizen. It is
based upon chromium-efl that is included in tizen image. However, the
coupling/dependency between the crosswalk-tizen and chromium-efl is removed
- crosswalk-tizen is based upon webview abstraction layer (ewk API) exposed
by chromium-efl.

Thanks to such decoupling, crosswalk-tizen and web engine can be
changed/updated separately. 

In opposite, "old"  crosswalk was tightly coupled and deployed together with
chromium engine, which wasn't ported for efl.

Best Regards,
Pawel Sikorski

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Dnia wtorek, 17 listopada 2015 15:47:33 Leon Anavi pisze:
> Hi Maciej,
> Well done! Thank you for sharing the news :)
> On 17.11.2015 15:29, Maciej Wereski wrote:
> >   Next big step is crosswalk to crosswalk-tizen
> > 
> > transition.
> Could you please provide more details about this transitions? What are
> the differences between Crosswalk and Crosswalk-tizen?

Some time ago wrt was replaced with crosswalk-tizen on TV and Mobile
(see TINF-1074). As I've said, we're aligning now with other profiles and
crosswalk isn't used on any active profiles. That's our motivation.

More details about differences will be provided by colleague from Web Team.

> Best regards,
> Leon

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