[Dev] Tizen Common is back

Leon Anavi leon.anavi at konsulko.com
Thu Nov 19 14:25:09 GMT 2015

Hi Bob,

On 19.11.2015 15:20, Bob Summerwill wrote:
> Or something else?    I am quite a newbie when it comes to kernel 
> development, so please bear with me on my naive questions :-)

Bob, please let me summarize: bootloader, kernel (+device tree) and a 
file system for the user space are needed to port Tizen or any other 
GNU/Linux distribution to a new hardware device. All these component 
have to be (cross) compiled for the targeted device and its exact 
hardware architecture. Sometimes depending on the requirements of the 
distribution certain additional options have to be enabled in the kernel 
defconfig, for example Tizen requires SMACK.

Best regards,

Leon Anavi
Software Engineer

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