[Dev] Tizen booting on rpi2

Yaramala siva krishna reddy siva10cn043 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 30 08:52:37 GMT 2015

Dear tizen dev team,

I am trying to boot on rpi2 board. I took the latest pre built images from
the tizen site (http://files.s-osg.org/tizen-on-rpi2/tizen.rpi-sdimg.LATEST
<http://files.s-osg.org/tizen-on-rpi2/tizen.rpi-sdimg.LATEST>) . After
changing the command line arguments , i was able to see some logs on
gtkterm. But , in the middle of booting , i am observing display manager
related failures , display also not coming.

Please provide me the proper procedure for booting up tizen on rpi2.
Please suggest me the better development platform for tizen porting(source
code , documents etc., are available).

Thanks in advance.


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