[Dev] LXC support in Tizen

Jan Olszak j.olszak at samsung.com
Mon Oct 26 12:26:07 GMT 2015

Hi there!
Indeed we're developing Vasum to provide "graphical" Linux containers 
for Tizen (or any other Linux distribution).
It has a rich C/Dbus API and uses LXC under the hood.

The problem with Docker, LXD, libvirt is that they concentrate on the 
server use case. So as long as you are OK with that I guess you can use 
them without a problem. All needed kernel features are switched on.

On Tizen we have "apps" that have "permissions" enforced by Cynara. This 
complicates the installation process.
- Security Manager had to integrate with Vasum (master-slave mode) to 
enable app installation inside containers.
- "Smack namespaces" are pending integration to the kernel. Every 
container will have a separate label mapping.

Currently we're working on:
- replacing LXC with our lxcpp library
- integrating with Wayland
- conforming to the Open Container Initiative

Some links:
- Wiki: https://wiki.tizen.org/wiki/Security:Vasum
- Github: https://github.com/Samsung/vasum
- Documentation: http://samsung.github.io/vasum/
- Demo for Fedora: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsNvI9kHTvI

Jan Olszak

On 10/26/2015 12:11 PM, Dominig ar Foll (Intel OTC) wrote:
> Bob,
> initial investigation on use of Name spaces has been done by Samsung.
> It is based on lxc.
> Get a look at
>    https://wiki.tizen.org/wiki/Security:Vasum:Usage
> Dominig ar Foll
> Senior Software Architect
> Open Source Technology Centre
> Intel SSG
> Le 26/10/2015 04:08, Bob Summerwill a écrit :
>> What support (if any) is missing for Tizen 2.4 and Tizen 3.0 to be 
>> able to support LXC or even Docker?
>> I know that there have been efforts in this direction in the past.   
>> Just wondering about the current status and any plans/roadmap to 
>> support Linux containers?
>> Cheers,
>> Bob Summerwill
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