[Dev] LXC support in Tizen

Bob Summerwill bob at summerwill.net
Tue Oct 27 08:57:25 GMT 2015

Thanks, Jan.

I downloaded the kernel code for the Gear S2 from opensource.samsung.com.
It is "linux-3.4-exynos3250".

I won't be able to run vasum-check-config.sh or lxc-checkconfig until I
have cross-built LXC binaries for Tizen.

Raster - Have you ever tied using LXC on Tizen 2.x?    Can you say a firm
yes or no as to whether this is likely to be possible with Tizen 2.4?   Or
anybody else from Samsung working on Tizen 2.x?   Thanks!

I have just ordered an Odroid to add to my pile of hardware which needs
adding into my nascent home mobile build/test farm -
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