[Dev] Images failing

Mats Wichmann mats at osg.samsung.com
Wed Oct 28 20:46:10 GMT 2015

On 10/26/2015 08:27 PM, mats at osg.samsung.com wrote:
> Seems like all the snapshot images are missing at the moment, logs show
> dep problems - at the keast buxton provide missing. Anybody know what's up?

Let me follow up with a little more detail.

Under http://download.tizen.org/snapshots/tizen/common/latest/images/
there are currently no images, only .log files that contain a variety of
errors.  All of the ones I have looked at have dependency problems, and
all of those list at least buxton as a problem.

To pick a particular sample:


the logfile contains this:

[10/25 12:39:30 UTC] Retrieving repo metadata:
[10/25 12:39:32 UTC] Retrieving repomd.xml ...
[10/25 12:39:33 UTC]  DONE
[10/25 12:39:33 UTC] Use detected arch armv7l.
[10/25 12:39:33 UTC] Target image/dir:
already exists, clean up the old files and continue? [y/n](y): y
[10/25 12:39:33 UTC] Refreshing repository: common-wayland_armv7l ...
[10/25 12:39:35 UTC] zypp architecture is <armv7l>
[10/25 12:39:35 UTC] repo problem: nothing provides buxton needed by
[10/25 12:39:35 UTC] found 1 resolver problem, abort!

This situation has persisted for an unknown amount of time - I don't
know how long before I went looking for an image it broke, but it's been
a number of days now since I looked. The current set of logs is dated 25

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