[Dev] LXC support in Tizen

Bob Summerwill bob at summerwill.net
Thu Oct 29 19:43:01 GMT 2015

Looks like I am probably out of luck, though I can't be sure, because I'm
having to guess which defconfig file to look at in the absence of any
documentation, and the absence of a /proc/config.gz on device.

Unless somebody from Samsung can pipe up and tell me what defconfig files
are used for Gear S2 and Z3, please?

On the rash assumption that I should be looking at tizen_b2_defconfig, I
appear to be out of luck.


And most of the other entries from the vasum script aren't listed in the
defconfig at all, which I assume means that they are OFF?

echo "--- Namespaces ---"
echo -n "Namespaces: " && is_enabled CONFIG_NAMESPACES yes
echo -n "Utsname namespace: " && is_enabled CONFIG_UTS_NS yes
echo -n "Ipc namespace: " && is_enabled CONFIG_IPC_NS yes
echo -n "Pid namespace: " && is_enabled CONFIG_PID_NS yes
echo -n "User namespace: " && is_enabled CONFIG_USER_NS yes
echo -n "Network namespace: " && is_enabled CONFIG_NET_NS yes
echo -n "Multiple /dev/pts instances: " && is_enabled
echo "--- Network virtualization ---"
echo -n "VETH: " && is_enabled CONFIG_VETH yes
echo -n "VLAN: " && is_enabled CONFIG_VLAN_8021Q yes
echo -n "MACVLAN: " && is_enabled CONFIG_MACVLAN yes
echo "--- Control groups ---"
echo -n "Cgroup: " && is_enabled CONFIG_CGROUPS yes
echo -n "PID cpuset: " && is_enabled CONFIG_PROC_PID_CPUSET yes
echo -n "CFS Bandwidth: " && is_enabled CONFIG_CFS_BANDWIDTH yes

On Tue, Oct 27, 2015 at 2:26 AM, Jan Olszak <j.olszak at samsung.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> You don't need the binaries to check the kernel configuration. Those are
> just bash scripts.
> Kernel 3.4 is OK for playing, but not secure in terms of user namespaces.
> Jan
> On 10/27/2015 09:57 AM, Bob Summerwill wrote:
> Thanks, Jan.
> I downloaded the kernel code for the Gear S2 from opensource.samsung.com.
>   It is "linux-3.4-exynos3250".
> I won't be able to run vasum-check-config.sh or lxc-checkconfig until I
> have cross-built LXC binaries for Tizen.
> Raster - Have you ever tied using LXC on Tizen 2.x?    Can you say a firm
> yes or no as to whether this is likely to be possible with Tizen 2.4?   Or
> anybody else from Samsung working on Tizen 2.x?   Thanks!
> I have just ordered an Odroid to add to my pile of hardware which needs
> adding into my nascent home mobile build/test farm -
> https://image-store.slidesharecdn.com/08687d20-f637-4a93-988f-fc1c056bf0f3-original.jpeg
> .

bob at summerwill.net
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