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McGee, Art amcgee7 at jaguarlandrover.com
Wed Sep 16 16:25:37 GMT 2015

I am currently using the Feb 2nd release of Tizen-ivi.  I'm working on a
project for video processing.  It uses the Tizen Content api to retrieve
video content from the system.  I've noticed that thumbnails are not
include in the api even't though the property is there.  As a workaround
I've use ffmpeg for both creating thumbnails and cutting video content.
For the moment ffmpeg is only included by building on the box and
installing manually.  I recently learned that Ubuntu uses a different
package than ffmpeg.  This package is libav.  I've looked and noticed that
Tizen has some packages like this as well.  I wanted to ask the question.
Should I work with these packages instead?  Are they able to generate the
thumbnails and crop video content as well?  I have found little
documentation to support usage of libav in Tizen.


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