[Dev] Any TM1 devoloper device owners in this list ?

Philippe Coval philippe.coval.pro at gmail.com
Fri Apr 1 12:44:21 GMT 2016


First, let me share this page about various tips regarding this developer
device for Tizen:2.4:Mobile .


Today, I have a couple of question, about it

First are latest tizen-sdk & cert plugin, still supporting it ?
It fails to deploy applications caused by cert issues, while it works on
emulator or Z1,
and it used to work a couple of weeks back.

Second, I am considering to reflash it with original system image (Tizen
2.4.0b ?)
or any one that has good support (WiFi, GPU, pkg-cmd etc)...
but I'll be curious to know about user feedbacks to make sure
I will not face regressions compared to the "original TDC2015 version",
how which is the recommended version.

You can edit wiki page or reply in list, I read both.

If curious, I will explain at OpenIot How to deploy iotivity to TM1,
until you can check hints on this page  :


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