[Dev] Xserver upgrade on Tizen 2.3

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Thank you for your reply. Is there any way that I can use DRI2 and move to a later Xorg version. What is the implication of doing this. Can I change GBS to enable me to compile later Xorg with all the 2.3 components.

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Dear joshua. 

In Tizen, main implication of upgrading is DRI3. 

But i recommand use dir2 in tizen2.3. 

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Title : [Dev] Xserver upgrade on Tizen 2.3 


We are trying to achieve H/W acceleration on our MIPS-based platform with Tizen 2.3 Wearable profile. However, our Graphics vendor has suggested us to use Xorg-server version 1.16.x for better results and compatibility. Tizen 2.3 has Xorg-server version 1.13.0, however 2.4 seems to have 1.16.0. What would be implication of upgrading Xorg server to 1.16.x on Tizen 2.3? 

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