[Dev] Fix host architecture to x86_64 for building arm target

Carsten Haitzler c.haitzler at samsung.com
Fri Dec 9 08:26:08 GMT 2016

On Fri, 09 Dec 2016 07:08:46 +0000
윤지영 <jy910.yun at samsung.com> wrote:


> > > More specifically, it does not create a toolchain for arm.
> > > The toolchain runs on x86_64 called 'dotnet' creates arm binaries and
> > > C# managed dlls.    
> >    
> > > but can the toolchain be built for arm? can it run on arm? does it ONLY
> > > run on x86-64 - why only on x86-64 if so?    
>> > At present, the toolchain for arm is not available and we are trying
> > to support it as soon as possible. If it is provided, it can, of
> > course, run on arm. However, even though the toolchain for arm is
> > provided, we are considering using the toolchain for x86_64 for build
> > acceleration.  
> > ok. so i'm curious... why is it "not provided" what needs to be done to
> > make it work? is this like luajit where it has architecture specific
> > assembly for it's core and so needs to be ported for each architecture?  
> We have a plan to release .NET Arm32 runtime and sdk. So we need
> obtain all the release components including runtime, libraries, build
> tools and toolchains. There are a lot of things to be ported for each
> architecture like jit and sdk. Some parts have already been

ok, but there already is a jit for ARM (at least arm32 - how about
arm64?). so this should already work... otherwise the runtime couldn't
work on any phone or similar device as they are all arm.

> completed, but there are still things in progress. We plan to release
> it soon. i586 is also in preparation, and there are many things to
> do. So it will take time.

so i'm still curious what these things are that need to be ported to
make the toolchain work on non x86-64? the toolchain is basically just
a compiler that compile c# src files to c# bytecode and maybe
ahead-of-time compile bytecode to a binary. the rest is portable c# CRL
stuff. right? what specifically needs porting to a new architecture
EXCEPT the jit (and the jit as best i know has already been ported at
least to arm. from what i read xamarin supports arm64 already.

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