[Dev] Tizen bringup with Smack enabled

Shahul Ahamed Shaik shahulahamed.shaik at incubesol.com
Mon Feb 8 11:23:34 GMT 2016

Hi All,

We enabled "Smack" in kernel. However, after boot, 2 services, pulse-audio and wm_ready are failing. We figured that these services are responsible for the UI to showup. We disabled pulseaudio and everything is fine but if we disable wm_ready, boot-animation is failing and after the UI shows up, w-home/idle-clock-digital app isn't starting by itself. Do you know which service is responsible for calling these binaries?

As of now, we are manually bringing up the UI, by running


without disabling the wm_ready service.

Thanks in Advance,
Sk Shahul.

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