[Dev] Need Tizen 2.4 image for x86_64

Jim Dinunzio jim.dinunzio at samsung.com
Fri Feb 12 03:12:53 GMT 2016

We would like to create an (intel) VMWare virtual machine running the same or as close as possible Tizen 2.4 version running on 2015 Tizen TV.
We were able to create one with Tizen 3.0, but there are no images available for 2.4.  The closest we found is this one:
http://download.tizen.org/releases/2.4/2.4-base/tizen-2.4-base_20151027.1/, but there is no image and there is no (ks) kickstarter file to build the image with MIC (gbs createimage).  Are such images still available anywhere?  Do I have to build the whole Tizen O/S from scratch?

I copied a ks file from Tizen 3.0 and modified it as indicated by instructions at https://source.tizen.org/documentation/developer-guide/getting-started-guide/creating-tizen-images-mic, but I am getting error.
ERROR: Failed to download/install bootstrap package or the package is in bad format: Can't get rpm binary: mic-bootstrap-x86-arm

So I am stuck.
Any help would be appreciated.

Jim DiNunzio
Senior Staff Software Engineer
Digital Media Solutions Lab - Software (Irvine,CA)
Samsung Research America, Inc.
Direct: (949) 892-4541
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