[Dev] Private project kick-off : Tizen on Beaglebone black

Pintu Agarwal pintu_agarwal at yahoo.com
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Please check this link.
I have successfully brought up Tizen 3.0   on Raspberry Pi2 sometime back. However it is half completed since display is not up. 
But there is also a display version available with yocto image.

More work is in progress, but currently halted due to other busy schedule.


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First, I am sorry for who don’t interested in porting Tizen on a new platform in advance.
I have struggled to port Tizen on several unofficial platforms such as my old Odroid XU and Raspberry Pi 2.
Unfortunately, I also gave up many times due to lack of my skill.
And now, I have started my another challenge, that is, Tizen on Beagle bone black(BBB) board.
I will do my best even it is highly possible to be failed again like my previous works.
For a first step, I have created a new document on Tizen wiki : https://wiki.tizen.org/wiki/ARM/Beaglebone (If creating a new document is not allowed, please let me know.)
I wrote down naïve plan and will log my experiences on this page to share it.
I would be very appreciate if someone give me some guide for this work through the wiki page or e-mail
because I am a newbie to do this kinds of work, and the only one who do this project.
Anyway, I will share you if there is some progress on it.
Good luck.
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