[Dev] Private project kick-off : Tizen on Beaglebone black

Leon Anavi leon.anavi at konsulko.com
Tue Jun 14 07:59:53 GMT 2016


On 12.06.2016 15:48, Heecheol, Yang wrote:
> Hello,
> First, I am sorry for who don’t interested in porting Tizen on a new 
> platform in advance.
> I have struggled to port Tizen on several unofficial platforms such as 
> my old Odroid XU and Raspberry Pi 2.
> Unfortunately, I also gave up many times due to lack of my skill.

Tizen 3 has been already ported to Raspberry Pi 2 by Samsung Open Source 

> And now, I have started my another challenge, that is, Tizen on Beagle 
> bone black(BBB) board.

Well done! Good luck with this challenge. Which version of Tizen do you 
want to port to BeagleBone Black?

For inspiration you can you the port of Tizen 3 to HummingBoard (with 
i.MX6 SoC). The source code is available at the GitHub repository of 
Konsulko Group:

Best regards, Leon

> I will do my best even it is highly possible to be failed again like 
> my previous works.
> For a first step, I have created a new document on Tizen wiki : 
> https://wiki.tizen.org/wiki/ARM/Beaglebone (If creating a new document 
> is not allowed, please let me know.)
> I wrote down naïve plan and will log my experiences on this page to 
> share it.
> I would be very appreciate if someone give me some guide for this work 
> through the wiki page or e-mail
> because I am a newbie to do this kinds of work, and the only one who 
> do this project.
> Anyway, I will share you if there is some progress on it.
> Good luck.
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